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About Food Traceability
DPIM Thailand
Affiliate Team
Modern consumers demand food that is fresh, palatable, nutritious and safe. Furthermore, increasing number of consumers demand functional foods that offer specific health and nutraceutical benefits. With changing lifestyles and rising income in many parts of the world, increasing proportion of foods are prepared and eaten outside the home as convenience and restaurant meals. These market-pull factors also have major implications on the future of agriculture because they pose considerable challenges for maintaining food safety, environmental protection, and profitability of agriculture... Department of Primary Industries and Mines is under Ministry of Industry in Thailand. This organize response and support for all industrial in the country. Furthermore food industrial, the main industrial in Thailand. Because of in this country the most people career/role is food supplier such as farmer, crop growing, livestock, and fishery. Main food chain traceability purposive for ensure that consumer should be consume reliable and safety food production. DPIM is the main supporter to make this website lauch to intent....